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MundoAqua® and Baby Swim Power® trademarks registered by Instructor Jaime E. Santisteban, does not promote, recommend, or accept a safety proposal for babies that is applied in aquatic facilities in Morelia, Michoacán under the name Swim Power or Swim is power. Please avoid bad experiences, survival proposals and your baby being used as a training "nenuco".  

Sensations to create "5G" neural connections.

Aquatic environment the best "salon" for education, early stimulation and child development before the age of 3. More information at spanish speakers www.mundoaqua.com english speakers www.babyswimpower.com.

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About MundoAqua®

Quality, not quantity

We emphasize the need for the program for children under 3 years of age, ideally before 6 months of age. Chance. It is necessary to know that this aquatic program has an optimal time and moment of application. We know from results and experience that MundoAqua® should not be postponed. Its importance in the growth, development and aquatic education of the child is not perceived most of the time, other times the start of the program is postponed with "I'll wait until my child is older" is the most common phrase. received. To date, very few medical specialists, therapists, pedagogues and neuroeducators know, apply in their treatments or have enjoyed the advantages and benefits that MundoAqua® brings to children before one year of life. . MundoAqua® is "much more than swimming" The children in the program swim beautifully, master and love aquatic activity all their lives. Most important benefit that the child receives in MundoAqua® It is the wonderful stimulus to their physical, sensory and cognitive development. This support is almost impossible to provide outside of the conditions of the aquatic environment and the methodology suggested by MundoAqua®.

After the AquaMamá MundoAqua® stage, we suggest returning the baby to water before 6 months of age. The ideal is to start with the baby, between 45 and 60 days old, in his first baths. Swimming for babies MundoAqua® is a playful and natural proposal that integrates play, fun and knowledge to achieve useful skills in the aquatic environment. Both parents participate in the child's aquatic evaluation. Before the age of 3, swimming for babies means physical development, sensations and education of the child.

MundoAqua® Baby Swimming, is dedicated to teaching children under 3 years of age to become familiar with water.

We have a complete program and a specialized methodology for teaching children's swimming, where we move away from practices that are not fun such as supposed 'survival programs' or 'baby safety'. Instead, we focus on creating a playful and safe environment where babies can gradually explore and enjoy water.

Our goal is for children to gain confidence in the water from an early age and develop fundamental aquatic skills. Our team of highly trained instructors and convenient facilities make our baby swimming experience a reliable and exciting option for parents and their little ones.

MundoAqua® baby swimming has been producing results for more than 10 years. Our "success triad" is based on timely information, investigation of the issues involved, continuous updating, commitment to the child, zero improvisation and focus on the child's aquatic needs, hence the results that we are obtaining to date.

Since 2006 MundoAqua® "strengthens, protects, develops and aquatically shields" the child. Thank you Mom and Dad for trusting MundoAqua® baby swimming as an aquatic program for your child.


MundoAqua® begins with the physical conditioning of the pregnant mother, we suggest early aquatic stimulation from 45 days after birth. At 3 months, Mom-Dad are informed by the MundoAqua® Instructor how to support aquatic familiarization through a pre-start evaluation. Our program focuses on skills, autonomy and aquatic mastery before age 3. 

The MundoAqua® results to date are a direct consequence of the aquatic skills that we develop in the child before the age of 3 with the program methodology. We are "aquatic armor" effective in the prevention of accidents, enjoyment, achievement of true aquatic autonomy and the development in the child of a strong immune system thanks to the philosophy that promotes swimming all year round!

MundoAqua® is a proven method for early aquatic stimulation and baby swimming. Familiarization with diving is the final stage of the program.


My baby has made a lot of progress in swimming thanks to MundoAqua. Recommended!

Excellent swimming program for babies. My son feels comfortable in the water and has gained confidence.

MundoAqua has been a wonderful experience for my baby. I would recommend it to all parents.